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17 November 2014

Improving Local Government’s customer experience

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  1. Angelia Tahameto Teota Ria9:52 am GMT+13

    I was recently surveyed re a Government Department and the making of complaints, probably part of the Kiwi Survey (selected Government Departments are participating), the interviewer was actually annoying, ok she was reading off a script, using a likert scale and struggled with qualitative feedback. I am sure the irony won't escape you nor the common denominator - it's not listening its actually hearing what is being said.

    1. Thanks for the comment Angelia. I'd be interested to talk to you about your experience if you'd like to drop me an e-mail? I'm currently undertaking assessment work elsewhere in NZ Government, so it'd be useful to gain your views on the survey you were asked to complete in more detail.

      You're absolutely right - any assessment of complaints has to provide for the qualitative responses, which provide real indicators as to the culture and attitude of those delivering the actual customer experience.

      Thanks for contributing, much appreciated.