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13 June 2015

Human factors: how complaints psychology affects business performance

If you ask anyone in customer service what they love about their job, it’s not long before they’ll tell you “it’s about the people.”  Customer service is a people business and there’s no better area of customer service than complaints management if you want to experience the best (and the worst) aspects of human emotions.

For those involved in managing an organisation’s response to customer complaints, this raises some thought-provoking questions:
  • What is it that makes some people complain, whilst others do not?
  • How can we influence human behaviour and encourage people to make their complaints?
  • How do employees handle human emotions and does this affect our performance?
In business, results are so often measured by profitability, costs, efficiency statistics and process
performance. Can we really translate the day-to-day reality of dealing with human emotions into these kinds of business performance metrics?