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9 July 2015

The Rosemary Anne Price Research Award 2015

A little bit of a departure from the Customer Service theme for today's blog post, but I'm delighted to tell you about this year's Rosemary Anne Price Research Award recipients and their fascinating work in Multiple Sclerosis research.

What is the Rosemary Anne Price Research Award?

During my research degree, I had the benefit of gaining some scholarship funding to attend a conference in the US that helped me on the way to completing my PhD. I was generously supported by the Kathleen and Margery Elliot Scholarship Fund in Birmingham, UK.

My mother, Rosemary, died from Multiple Sclerosis in 1991. Inspired by my study experience, I set up a similar bursary award scheme in conjunction with the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society. The Rosemary Anne Price Research Award helps support two promising research students to attend the bi-annual MS Frontiers research conference.