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11 February 2019

Using Google Tag Manager with Analytics to track Tableau visualisations

Who's looking at your Tableau Public visualisations?

Customer insight, and understanding our customers' behaviour, is an essential 'behind the scenes' activity for any organisation. This blog takes a technical detour from my usual business focus, to help people using Tableau set up their dashboards to allow tracking with Google Analytics, using Google's Tag Manager.

This post builds on an excellent blog post by Tableau Zen Master Jeffrey Shaffer's January 2017 article "Google analytics on Tableau public visualisations" by addressing changes required to use Google Tag Manager.

If you're not interested in the technical stuff and came here for some customer service talk, why not head over to my Tableau Public page and take a look at some analysis of complaints performance in the UK Public sector, UK Energy sector, New Zealand Official Information Act requests. Or you can see how UK MPs have been voting in Parliament during the Brexit debates.

If you'd like to find out more about setting up analytics for Tableau dashboards though, read on!